29|5|1938 - 5|9|2008
Een leven lang theater Theaterencyclopedie Ritsaert ten Cate

Volgens Pip Simmons

A framework and solid foundation

Pip Simmons. Foto: Ritsart ten Cate.
Pip Simmons met zijn dochter Sophie, Bourgos ca. 1988. Foto: Ritsart ten Cate. Collectie Theater Instituut Nederland.
Regisseur Pip Simmons, oprichter en leider van de Pip Simmons Theatre Group, een groep die vaak bij Mickery optrad:

"RItsaert always had a sounder basis than the people who came to him. He gave us a framework, even if it was always changing. It rubbed off and got me going in a new direction in terms of learning how to manage things and to market ourselves. This provided a solid foundation for what we were doing then and for what I am still doning. You can weather shaky artistic times if your business is in order."

"The turning point in my theatre life came in Holland. With a group I called Children of the Night I did Dracula and An die Musik. We had Germans in the audience who came to Amsterdam to see these plays about the Nazi's. They were shattered. It was my best work, and Ritsaert stimulated it. His stimulation wasn't just for one short period, though. He provided the best stimulation there was, because he stuck with you, through failures as well as successes. He can't be compared with anyone else in Europe."

Geciteerd uit: Ritsaert ten Cate now door Gary Schwartz, essay geschreven ter gelegenheid van de toekenning van de Stichting Sphinx Cultuurprijs aan Ritsaert ten Cate in 1996.

Ritsaert ten Cate, 1985. Foto: Tony Thijs. Collectie Theater Instituut Nederland.
Ritsaert ten Cate, 1985. Foto: Tony Thijs. Collectie Theater Instituut Nederland.
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